On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 18:09 +0530, balaji cherukuri wrote:
> I am a software engineer, I want to contribute to evolution-mapi.
> Could you give some guidance how would I proceed.
> I am new to GNOME development.

Great!  We could certainly use more help.

As with any open source project, the best way to get involved with
development is to first familiarize yourself with the source code and
relevant libraries, and then try fixing some simple bugs and submitting
source code patches to the developers of the project.

For evolution-mapi, a good place to bookmark and browse open bugs is:


Some good instructions for generating and submitting source code


Here's a more generic overview on getting involved with GNOME.  Some
parts may be slightly outdated or not applicable to evolution-mapi
specifically, but there's still a lot of good information there.


In addition to posting questions to this mailing list, I would also
encourage you to join the #evolution IRC channel on irc.gnome.org to
chat with Evolution developers in real time.  Keep in mind, however,
that most of the developers are in Indian or European time zones, so
their work schedule may be different from yours.  Also keep in mind that
we're all pretty busy and don't have much time for much hand holding or
for questions that can be easily answered with a Google search.  But if
you present yourself as competent, patient and respectful of others'
time, I think you'll find we're a pretty friendly bunch.

Good luck!

Matthew Barnes

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