On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 14:20 +0800, ruifeng zeng wrote:
>         Hi: all, We  are students who are doing final year
>         project(FYP). Our FYP topic is to develop a email filtering
>         software which supposed to work on Ubuntu.
>         The programming part and email server part are almost done.
>         Now what we want to do is to integrate our software
>         called( Spidey Spam Stopper ) into a Mail User Agent such as
>         Evolution.   The mailing process is like the following:
>         MUA->Postfix->Procmail->SSS->Evolution
>         The yellow color MUA  represents sender side while the green
>         color represents receiver side.  We have finished until SSS.
>         Now the received emails are stored in user's home directory
>         such as /home/ruifeng/Maildir/new. Every user has his own
>         directory to store his emails.
>         How can we integrate SSS into Evolution?
>         Thank you very much !
>         Spidey Spam Stopper Development Team.

if I got your description properly, then your "Spidey Spam Stopper" is
independent of the mail reading application, the only limitation is that
the application should be able to read a Maildir folder, and that's
basically what you call "integration"?

You can create a new account in Evolution, of type Local Maildir, and
point to your ~/Maildir directory, which will create a new node in a
folder tree with your messages in that directory.

If you meant a different integration, like setup widgets and such, then
there are EPlugin-s for you. In Evolution sources see the 'plugins'
directory, where are stored all internal plugins.

Maybe specify what kind of integration you meant.

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