Hi all,
    We would be discussing on the following items, 

* go through the blockers
* pending patch reviews
* status updates

Bugs from Akhil listed last week -

 [regression] Opens folder on top 

 evolution crashed : moved to calendar

 Cannot start evolution-alarm-notify process

 e-calendar-factory crashes the second time I start evo

 gtkhtml crash 

 evolution and pidgin hangs

 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=598769  (MAPI)
 evolution-data-server-2.28 crashed with SIGSEGV in

 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=585615  (MAPI)
 Exchange MAPI account setup gets wrong userid in database

 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=601484 (MAPI)
 cann't accept a meeting request

 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=600560 - MAPI Potential
 blocker Calendar information only up to yesterday

 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=601202 (MAPI)
 Evo will delete your addressbook on the server with no warning

This list will be debated and improved moving further.

Pitch inside #evolution-meet (irc.gimpnet.org) irc channel to discuss
and share thoughts with the developers!!

Attached the last weeks meeting logs.

- Chenthill.
<chen> Lets get started in another minute and have a small discussion to know 
whats happening and moving further with coming releases
<mcrha> "releases", hmm
<chen> mcrha, yup we have 2.28.1 and 29.1 coming this month
* mcrha was hoping in the upcoming year forecast :)
<abharath> ;)
<chen> lol step by step
<chen> as we all know dbus calendar has been merged now
<mcrha> yeah, one big step, then few small steps
<chen> and i would like lakhil to play a major part in bringing the major bugs 
during every meeting
<chen> and we can share the bugs among us assigning and making sure the issues 
are fixed before the release
<lakhil> chen, i keep sharing in irc daily ... though i will try to prepare one 
for meeting 
* mcrha noticed flood of those yesterday
<chen> prolly we can discuss over bugs like 
<chen> to ensure they are fixed on time
<chen> lakhil, bring it to light and discussing it would make sure these go in 
before the release
<lakhil> yeah, sure 
<chen> lakhil, would be great if you have a list before us during these 
meetings :)
<chen> mcrha, and coming on patch reviews,
<chen> know there are lot of ur patches waiting on the same
<mcrha> actually, i changes a strategy slightly
<chen> mcrha, can all the patches which are straight forward or if your 
confident on the fixes be committed directly ?
<chen> and consult on the fixes where you have some doubt..
<mcrha> I attach patches for "test or review", if reporter can try the patch 
and says ok, then I commit
<mcrha> chen, yup, i can do that, I was hoping in starting with that on 
January, though
<chen> mcrha, oh why ?
<chen> mcrha, prolly you can attach the patch marking it as committed right away
<mcrha> just for fun of attaching patches to bugzilla.
<mcrha> does it worth it?
<chen> mcrha, and the left ones means that they are requiring some review 
<chen> mcrha, don think so
<mcrha> 'don' ~~ don't?
<chen> ok don't :)
<mcrha> just clarifying a meaning.
<mcrha> I do not think it worth it too, the commit ID should be enough there
<chen> mcrha, i would say testing from the reporter is fine, but commit it if 
you feel the approach taken is correct
<chen> mcrha, agree
<mcrha> you know the code will be quite different when you allow me to commit 
without asking, right?
<chen> mcrha, well we have all spent enough time to make a judgement whether 
the approach is right or wrong
<chen> and of-course having a review is always better, but considering the 
ammount of people we have now
<chen> we will not be able to follow the same style
<mcrha> right, that's a bad thing (low human resources)
<chen> mcrha, so if you have patches,
<chen> which are on the above category commit them!
<chen> i mean for the patches right now in the bugzilla as well
* mcrha is wondering how chen means 'if' :)
<lakhil> :D
<abharath> :D
* chen leaves the rest to mcrha :)
<mcrha> patches in bugzilla, I miss the user statistic page there
<lakhil> mcrha, now it's added back 
<abharath> haha and lakhil the points page :D
<chen> lol
<lakhil> all are back :D
<mcrha> chen, I'll go the safe side, killing master only
<abharath> aah :D
<abharath> mcrha: lol
<mcrha> lakhil, is the statistics page back?
<abharath> you the one who has to save the killing :D
<chen> mcrha, ok, hold it on stable as well by ur judgement
<lakhil> mcrha, yep 
<mcrha> lakhil, good, let me look how I stand for past few weeks ;)
<chen> to update what i have been doing,
<mcrha> chen, yeah, stable is a different story
<lakhil> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/page.cgi?id=weekly-bug-summary.html
<chen> committed the imapx initial stuff to master and cooked a patch for ebook 
<chen> perhaps feel it has to be combined with mcrha's patch
<chen> on keeping open ebook's in memory
<chen> mcrha, i felt that the open ebooks can be kept in memory somewhere so 
that all components in evo can access them
<lakhil> mcrha, 
<chen> mcrha, would that be good ?
<chen> would have to start more on imapx/dbus and issues in master
<mcrha> chen, with the actual concept, only shell would do that, and that 
shouldn't look on address books at all
<mcrha> lakhil, I see :)
<chen> abharath, what were u upto last week?
<abharath> chen: looking into the libmapi issue for now. before that the 
windows installers http://www.gnome.org/~pchen/bharath_windows_installers/
<chen> mcrha, should be possible atleast for mailer right?
<abharath> 2.28 maybe I'll make an installer for that by this weekend
<mcrha> chen, yup, there's a patch for maler already, I updated it some time 
ago, on your request
<chen> mcrha, keeping book's in memory just for one purpose may not be optimal 
isn it?
<chen> mcrha, will go through it again
<abharath> and there's that bug on MAPI GAL which needs to be fixed now. I'll 
get you the bug details
<chen> mcrha, somehow feel we really just open the book syncronously and so 
allocating the struct contents in heap is just a work-around
<chen> mcrha, if the operation is not cancellable
<mcrha> chen, they are there for two, one is for faces, other for image loading
<lakhil> abharath, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=595480
<chen> mcrha, need to look at traces more to see if threading should be done 
somewhere else
<chen> abharath, fine
<mcrha> chen, let's discuss that after the meeting, it's quite low in the code 
<abharath> chen: cool thanks
<chen> abharath, let me know the bug on the build_cache and i can have a look 
at that since ur fully booked
<chen> mcrha, sure
<abharath> chen: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=595480
<chen> lakhil, anything to share?
<lakhil> chen, hard time with master .. found many crashes due to calendar-dbus 
changes ...all are getting logged in bugzilla 
<lakhil> thanks to mcrha for his quick responses :)
<chen> lakhil, with the white-board status ?
* chen is yet to look into the bugs, have not looked into them last couple of 
<lakhil> chen, http://tinyurl.com/yaeahsx
<chen> thanks
<chen> mcrha, anything to share?
<mcrha> not much, I think. You probably noticed eex back in live, though some 
troubles arises, which are question for fix
<abharath> I know mcrha feels too bad when chen say words like anything and if, 
but he doesn't mean that :)
<lakhil> :)
<chen> lakhil, from next meeting would leave the floor to you while we start 
the meeting and we can pick up the issues
<mcrha> abharath, :))
<lakhil> chen, :)
<chen> ah don mean it in that sense :)
<chen> am also little bit bad in english, maybe will improve it going further :)
* lakhil wonders did chen watch DOn movie yesterday :P
<chen> lakhil, don movie ? :)
<chen> ah ok ok :)
<chen> so any concerns from anyone ?
<lakhil> please have a look at 
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=594379 for imapx or irrespective of 
that :)
<chen> lakhil, sure
* mcrha is wondering who the Colin Walters is
<chen> lakhil, how about imap keyword for these bugs ?
<lakhil> chen, nope .. we have 90% bugs on imap :P
<chen> ok :)
<abharath> mcrha: http://www.ohloh.net/accounts/colinwalters
<chen> lets then catch up next week
<mcrha> see you
<mcrha> abharath, hmm, I see him here: 
<abharath> mcrha: aah :)
<mcrha> either I slowed down or he did it quite quickly :)
<abharath> haha
<abharath> He's still at Redhat I guess ;) so you know what to do :D
<chen> why is it taking  so long for the link to open up
<abharath> chen: bugzilla is down ;)
<mcrha> chen, 300 days are 300 days :)
<abharath> lol
<mcrha> so it seems I'll attach patches to bugzilla at least by the January
<lakhil> evolution bug count is in green color ..wow :D
* Now talking on #evolution-meet
<chen> mbarnes|away, not having the meeting today as there not much people 
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<chen> Lets get started in another couple of minutes..
<mcrha> tick, tack, tick, tack, ... tick, tack...
<chen> yup on :)
<chen> There are couple of things which we would be discussing in the meeting 
<chen> 1) revised meeting timings
<chen> 2) Frequency and agenda for the meetings
<chen> Lets start with the 1st..
<chen> I was just thinking about a good overlap time for EST/IST/CET timezones,
<chen> would 8-9 pm IST be a good one ?
<mcrha> 3) blockers/bugs to be done
<chen> which would be 3:30 PM for mcrha and 9:30 am for mbarnes|away (i guess)
<chen> mcrha, yup, that would come under agenda discussion :)
<mcrha> fine for me, that time I'm usually working
<lakhil> chen, i am fine at 9 pm IST 
<chen> nice
<chen> jony, abharath ?
<abharath> works for me too
<chen> abharath, 8 or 9 ? :)
<mcrha> 8 during winter, 9 during summer :)
<abharath> 9 pm IST
<abharath> mcrha: :D
<jony> chen: sounds good . 
<mcrha> when you make it UTC, then the time shift makes changes
<jony> (having trouble with wireless)
<chen> mcrha, lol both remains same here :) not much change in climate during 
nights :)
<mcrha> chen, I meant time shift during winter and summer.
<chen> mcrha, when does the shift happen for u?
<mcrha> chen, by the way, that doesn't sound much fair for you, in IST, havin 
it so late
<mcrha> summer time, winter time, right? it's in the timezone info ;)
<chen> mcrha, yeah
<chen> mcrha, not a problem for us, its better to have it late evening than 
early morning :)
<jony> chen: i'm fine with anything above 10 pm ist :)
<chen> jony, cool
<mcrha> chen, http://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst2009.html
<chen> so shall we go with 9 pm IST ?
* chen checks
<jony> chen: i think mbarnes|away would have to give his opinion .. he wakes up 
very early for this.
<chen> jony, had a word with him on monday and he was ok with having it one 
later than now,
<chen> which should be 6:00 am for him
<chen> but since our office shuttles starts after 1 1/2 hours from now,
<jony> chen: oh oki. 6am is still too early for me :) that too winter time :D 
<chen> it wont be good for some of us to be in the meeting
<jony> chen: cool. 
<chen> so if we get it any time around 7 PM IST it would suit everyone
<mcrha> 7 PM is less than 10 PM for jony :)
<chen> so meetings at wednesday's  9 PM from next week ok ?
<lakhil> +1
* chen just wanted to see the +1's :)
<mcrha> is it 9+1 or +1 like "yeah"? ;)
<chen> mcrha, anything that says everyone are fine with it :)
<chen> jony, abharath knirav ?
<abharath> chen: +1
<mcrha> chen, I'm fine, just give the time in UTC
<jony> chen: sounds good to me :)
<chen> 3:30 PM UTC
<jony> mcrha: thanks :) 
<chen> ok done, will announce it in e-h later tonight after having a word with 
<chen> moving on with the next,
<mcrha> mbarnes|away, has a veto right ;)
<chen> what shall we have as an agenda for weekly meetings ?
<chen> a bug list from lakhil for the forth coming release would be good,
<chen> and each one of us can assign bugs from that which we feel is important 
and discuss on that ?
<chen> mcrha, what do u think?
<chen> mcrha, jony, abharath lakhil ?
<mcrha> some are just important, not by a feeling. But yes, I'm fine with that.
* lakhil wants to give bug list which will have wish list + critical bugs :)
<abharath> hehe :)
<lakhil> because wish list gives opportunity to try out something different :P
<chen> lakhil, fine with it, lets try it and make changes based on how it goes..
<lakhil> sure 
<abharath> I'm sure lakhil just wants to feel like a king ;)
<chen> mcrha, that would include the blockers and ones critical for the release
<mcrha> how many of them? giving link to a list of them?
<lakhil> abharath, i am the one who is serving not ordering ;-)
<abharath> lakhil: :D
<mcrha> with a link one might have an overlook what is going on with those, and 
whether anyone is on them
<chen> mcrha, yes a link to them and we can go over them and we can assign them 
to us in the metting itself :)
<lakhil> mcrha, sure .. i will give link also 
<mcrha> ok, sounds good
<chen> so the plan is send the agenda for the meeting with the list of bugs on 
every monday..
<chen> and if in case we don have an agenda for a week, we can just meet to 
have a get together :)
<lakhil> ah .. bug list should be sent fortnightly 
<chen> and meeting cancellations will be announced on monday if any
<mcrha> when you send the list on monday, assign it on wednesday evening, when 
will you work on that?
<chen> lakhil, yup fine
<chen> mcrha, in the next couple of weeks..
<mcrha> I mean, the critical bugs should be fixed quite quickly...
<chen> mcrha, ah yeah that would be for a release
<lakhil> mcrha, yep .. that i share always on irc without waiting for meeting 
<chen> mcrha, would be good to mention a target milestone in the bug
<mcrha> hmm, what will happen to the list from two weeks back?
<chen> mcrha, if any bug is not fixed and,
<chen> it needs to be, it will obviously remain on the new list as well
<chen> so anyone who has it assigned to them will be able to answer about the 
<chen> mcrha, lakhil should be able to maintain that :)
<mcrha> so will we endup with a link to the full bugzilla after a year? ;)
<lakhil> mcrha, lol
<chen> mcrha, ah not all are blockers/critical ones :D
<chen> mcrha, prolly we will know how it goes in a month :)
* lakhil usually moves one without thinking about old bugs :P
<chen> don need to wait for a year ;)
<chen> mcrha, is it not ?
<mcrha> ok, so lakhil will monitor newly added bug reports to 
eds/evo/eex/ema/gtkhtml and pick critical one to the list a)
<mcrha> and then there will be a list b) of "nice to have based on users/... 
<mcrha> both will be updated week by week
<mcrha> (question mark)?
<chen> lakhil, ?
* chen is keen on the first than the second for begining period :)
<lakhil> chen, mcrha i usually pick up the bugs which are ignored ... like i 
didn't pick even a single bug from kb regression 
<lakhil> as i thought those are taken care already 
<lakhil> if you want to pick from all of them .. then i will do the same 
* mcrha doesn't know what he wants
<abharath> :D
<chen> better to have blockers/critical ones for the next releases first
<lakhil> mcrha, i will catch you on irc as usual :D
<chen> and once we get started, we can evolve it based on how it goes
<mcrha> the only thing I noticed is that newly crashers might be relatively 
easily catch because of newly added changes in the code
<chen> yup
<mcrha> ok, so give a word to lakhil now? :)
<chen> mcrha, on ? :)
<mcrha> with a demo of bugs he has ready. I suppose he has some :)
<chen> mcrha, maybe better to go on from next meeting!
<chen> mcrha, or after the meet on #evolution ? :)
<mcrha> up to you. I'm here
<lakhil> one more thing - you people can let me by time to time if i am not 
picking right bugs ... /me needs feedback :)
* chen does not want to rush lakhil today
<chen> lakhil, sure!!
<mcrha> be sure, lakhil, be sure
<lakhil> though i have my small list always :P
<chen> lol
<lakhil> mcrha, who complains more .. will be given the opportunity to prepare 
bug list ... /me hides 
<chen> will summarize these and share in e-h list
<chen> so that if any users/more devs wants to join, they can
<abharath> lakhil: :D
* mcrha gave a little list of semi-known issues already, few days ago on the 
irc, might call it blockers for 2.30, maybe
<chen> we might get some more people coming up with bugs, who knows :)
<mcrha> understood sir (lakhil)
<abharath> chen: you know ;)
<chen> abharath, :)
<lakhil> mcrha, hehe :)
<chen> starting with my work during last week,
<chen> was working a bit on imapx, adding multiple namespace support and 
syncronizing folders - almost complete
<chen> should be done by today
<mcrha> chen, last week only? give us an overview since last meeting
<chen> will get the code committed by tomorrow
<chen> mcrha, when was the last meeting ? :)
* chen is forgot :)
<mcrha> yeah, that's the point :)
<chen> mcrha, right and thats why we are discussing to have agenda and so :)
<mcrha> yup, I agree
* chen did not have much pace for sometime due to some reasons, but overcoming 
it now
<chen> abharath, whats going on with mapi?
<abharath> chen: I'll put up a patch for that libmapi issue. Fix on evo-mapi 
should do it. Just started with looking into some Free/Busy stuff. would be 
onto some of Paul Smith's issues and then GAL :d
<chen> abharath, upstream the fixes..
<abharath> chen: yeah would do them this week
<chen> jony, updates?
<chen> abharath, cool
<chen> knirav, anything to share?
<chen> lakhil, updates?
<lakhil> random testing on master, more stress on mapi testing , bug triaging 
.. that's all from my side  
<lakhil> and poking mcrha time to time :P
<jony> chen: working on events .. would be pushing it to master on monday .. 
probably would do a screencast on it :)
<chen> lakhil, nice :)
<chen> jony, awesome!!
<chen> mcrha, updates ?
<mcrha> I probably didn't mention yet, thus doing now: I did commit few of mine 
pending patches in bugzilla to master, it'll either break something or will 
help. Will see. I'm attaching patches for review very rarely now, I usually 
commit right to the sources. You said I can, so I do.
<mcrha> it's the biggest change in my workflow for few last weeks
<mcrha> there are still quite many patches to be reviewed, though
<chen> mcrha, yup a good change too. if u have any doubts on a patch, do attach 
them review..
<chen> mcrha, yeah just looking at that, would be good if we can separate out 
areas between us..
<mcrha> sure, but as I'm testing it, then it's partially safe to commit
<chen> understand that there would be some part of code which each one of us 
might not know well enough to review,
<chen> but with a small team we just have to take the responsibility there to 
understand and then review..
<mcrha> I tried to review few patches, but it's something I didn't growth for 
enough yet
<chen> mcrha, so I will let u know the list am picking and we can share the 
others among each one of us
* mcrha has a link for pending patches
<chen> mcrha, so we will clearly have a boundary on who is responsible for what 
and would help to discuss in the meeting..
<chen> mcrha, shall we follow this approach ?
<chen> abharath, jony lakhil ?
<mcrha> there are only 60 unreviewed at the moment, not bad
<abharath> chen: okies
<chen> mcrha, so divide based on components or a list ?
<mcrha> nope, let me pastebin the link
<lakhil> chen, I am fine with any approach as well as patch are getting 
committed in right time 
<lakhil> s/patch/patches 
<mcrha> http://pastebin.com/d659ddcd0
* chen looks at ti
<lakhil> mcrha, http://tinyurl.com/  it's a good site for making short urls :)
<chen> mcrha, am looking at having some responsibilities for future too..
<chen> mcrha, so if we have more patches coming in, we would know where most 
lie and who to ask for..
<mcrha> lakhil, yup, I guess the bugzilla itself can also save searches, but 
I'm not sure how it works
<mcrha> chen, aren't patches usually random, what users like or not?
<chen> mcrha, usually only some components get many patches
<chen> mcrha, prolly we can discuss it over a mail, i can send the trend and we 
can decide on things,
<chen> mail would give each one to think a bit..
<chen> mcrha, ok ?
<mcrha> I do not know, but from my point of view the best approach would be to 
kill pending patches quite quickly, and then take care of newly added once in a 
week or two. I guess not many people are helping with evo code.
<mcrha> though the above link is showing only unreviewed patches, those 
reviewed-waiting for clarification, aren't there
<chen> mcrha, u know at some point we might all ignore it carrying on with 
coding, god knows. a concept of individual component maintainers was even 
thought for the same reason i suppose.. ?
<chen> mcrha, maybe better to take it offline :)
<mcrha> chen, yup, I understand. Might be good.
<mcrha> just that long pending patches are most likely obsolete by something 
else or by code changes, so the initial "cleanup" is sort of crucial
<chen> mcrha, yup agree
* mcrha is seeing a clear volunteer for a cleanup ;)
<chen> mcrha, will send out a mail today looking at the list 
* chen volunteers
<chen> mcrha, so if I don do it by next week, kick me :)
<mcrha> good. thanks.
<chen> anything else to discuss?
<mcrha> same as I told lakhil: be sure, chen, be sure :)
<chen> lol
<mcrha> no blocker bugs these week then?
<mcrha> as for example the evo alarm notify doesn't work for me, it crashes
<chen> lakhil, can u send them over to all of us by mail?
<mcrha> it's a blocker for sure, as without it people will claim
<chen> mcrha, what about assigning after lakhil sends?
<lakhil> chen, sure .. 
<mcrha> no idea if this exact one is a bug already. Just I noticed and didn't 
care enough
<lakhil> mcrha, master or stable ? 
<lakhil> i haven't seen any bug in bugzilla yet 
<mcrha> the trouble is that the locking around dbus calls is not helping there
* chen remembers hearing it as master
<mcrha> yup, master.
<chen> mcrha, please file a bug
<chen> and lakhil can test and add to the list
<mcrha> and just yesterday I noticed, also on master, starting evolution the 
second time crashes e-addressbook-factory somewhere in gconf, but no evo code 
related, very strange
<mcrha> ok, I'll do that.
<chen> mcrha, cool
<mcrha> I guess that's all. An hour passed so quickly :)
<chen> mcrha, yeah :)
<chen> lakhil, send over a mail :)
<lakhil> chen, i will send in another half an hr 
<chen> We can again catch up next week with new timings :)
<chen> lakhil, nice!!
<mcrha> yup, just ping me before I get used to the new time
<chen> mcrha, sure!!
<chen> mcrha, abharath jony lakhil thanks all!!
<lakhil> thank you :)
* You are now known as chen|gym
<mcrha> see you
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