On Tue, 2009-11-24 at 16:53 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> The Makefiles are set up automatically install schema files, but only if
> you are -NOT- using a custom install prefix, which I assume you are (I
> am too).  I'm not sure I fully understand the rationale for that, but I
> looked at some other GNOME modules that I consider to be well maintained
> and they're using similar logic.  I assume the intent is to help avoid
> screwing up your GConf settings.

I am, yes.  But I don't get your last sentence: is there a way to use
these without screwing up the GConf settings (using an alternate gconf
database for example)?

Because if the choice is screwing up GConf settings or dumping core,
that doesn't seem like much of a choice to me :-).

On the other hand, I actually do agree that running "make install"
should NOT mess with your GConf settings; that definitely feels wrong.
I was actually thinking that running "evolution" (the first time) would
handle the transitions for you.

> > Should I run --install-schema-file for all the *.schema files in that
> > directory, just in case, or might that break things?
> I think just as needed is fine.  I've been careful to only add new
> schemas and not change or remove existing ones.

OK, as long as I'm not getting any kind of UI breakage or problems due
to missing schema files.

Next question: what's the right thing to do with bugs or issues I find?
Do they go in bugzilla, even though the code is not released yet?  Or do
you prefer to see issues here on this list?

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