On Wed, 2009-11-25 at 15:05 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Do you know of a good way to make that more detectable for developers,
> short of uninstalling Evolution?
> We've had several similar "insufficent LIBADD" bugs lately, all of which
> slipped in under my radar because I keep Evolution installed.

If you've installed the latest evolution into your main system
directories (/lib, /usr/lib, etc.) then there's no good way to do that.
The best you can do is create a virtual machine or fakeroot environment:
I'm not overly familiar with that but Google knows how.

Since I _never_ do that, and only ever install it into /opt/evo or
similar, it's easy enough for me to either (a) delete the previous
installation and start from scratch, or (b) change the directory where
it installs into /opt/evo-test or whatever, that doesn't exist.

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