Urk.  So, in an effort to try to create a "clean" install for Evolution
to see if that was my problem, I did a stupid thing.  I renamed my
~/.evolution directory (not the stupid thing) then I used gconf-editor
to try to remove key entries for all my existing accounts, etc. (that
was the stupid thing).  Note I only used "unset key", I didn't "set as
default" or anything _really_ stupid :-).

Then I started evo and really, it didn't help--if anything it was more
flaky.  I guess I should have expected that.  However, I got it back to
normal with ONE exception: none of my junk filtering is working anymore.

I use bogofilter and I have for years and it's never given me any
trouble.  The problem is that my incoming mail is not being filtered
anymore.  After I load my email and none of it is filtered I look at my
wordlist.db file, and it has not been updated.

However, I can go through and use CTRL-J or the junk icon to mark items
as junk, and they get moved to my junk folder and then my wordlist.db
file IS updated, so it seems to be working.

I've unchecked the bogofilter plugin, then re-checked it to try to
re-enable it, but it didn't work.

So obviously I unset something using gconf-editor that is not being
reset properly... anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?  It's
pretty annoying.

Looking at the /apps/evolution/mail/junk/bogofilter section of gconf
with gconf-editor, I see only one entry here, "unicode" which is
selected (boolean true).

I expect there should be something else here but how do I force it to be

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