On Thu, 2010-03-04 at 15:15 +1100, Andrew Cowie wrote:
> But on the third hand, :) GNOME has an increasingly beautiful┬╣ passwords
> and account management interface in the "Passwords and Encryption Keys"
> tool provided by Seahorse; my understanding is that the APIs underneath
> it are mature too, though I can't speak to that.

Right, I should have clarified that I wasn't speaking of password
information.  That certainly belongs in a secure keyring.  What I was
suggesting we store in key files was account options -- username, host
and port information along with all the knobs and switches you see in
the Account Editor, Calendar Properties, Address Book Properties, etc.

I'll post a more fleshed out proposal to the wiki once I learn more
about the GSettings key file backend.

Matthew Barnes

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