On Mon, 2010-04-19 at 16:43 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
> Hi Philip; all the docs I saw for libgdata list just your address as a
> contact; if there's a mailing list or similar you'd like me to CC please
> let me know.

I'm the only maintainer at the moment, so e-mailing this address is
fine. (There's no libgdata mailing list.)

> I maintain a makefile that allows people to build Evolution from the
> latest git sources along with a significant chunk of other Gnome (and
> some non-Gnome) libraries that Evo also uses.
> One of the new requirements for the latest Evo git master is libgdata.
> It requires 0.6.3 or above, but the version that comes on my Ubuntu
> (9.04) box is 0.4.0, so too old.  So, I've added support for building
> libgdata from git to my makefile... or started to.

Building libgdata from git won't work, since there are a number of API
and ABI breakages in master which will probably cause the e-d-s build to
choke (though Evolution itself should be OK). I'd advise you to use the
libgdata-0-6 branch.

> The checkout of the git code works fine but the configure command fails
> right away:


> Looking around I found copies of introspection.m4 in the git source
> trees for atk and gtk+.  However, neither of those packages install that
> file as part of their normal builds.
> I think if you need this you should be including it in the sources of
> libgdata, or else maybe file a bug against gtk+ or similar asking them
> to install it during their builds?

introspection.m4 should be provided by gobject-introspection, and I
believe their official advice is not to distribute it in individual
packages' source trees.


> I worked around this locally by manually copying introspection.m4 from
> gtk+ into my target $prefix/share/aclocal, where autoconf found it.
> Thanks!

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