On Mon, 2010-04-26 at 06:37 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> 1. Every time one does a search of the address book the backend performs
> a PROPFIND.  This seems like overkill if the backend already has the
> contents of the addressbook.  In offline mode this doesn't happen, so
> searches are much faster in offline mode.

It also performs a PROPFIND of the collection before every folder.  This
seems excessive as well.  If this is really required perhaps #4 could be
used to try and avoid an unnecessary PROPFIND.

> 2. If the collection contains collections (subfolders) Evolution [which
> doesn't request the isCollection property] tries to do a GET on these.
> When the GET fails it just passes over the entry, which is good, but it
> seems like these could be avoided easily enough.
> 3. Rather than doing a PROPFIND for ETags to check up-to-date status
> when not check the ctag of the collection;  if that fails fallback to
> getting the ETag list.
> 4. And, of course, <https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=566354>;
> support for 301 on PUT.
> Evolution handles an address book with +20,000 entries very gracefully.
> When I tried this on Thunderbird the entire application was useless
> after the addressbook was loaded.

5. Unless I edit the name field of an entry the OK button is always
greyed out.  If I just enter a character in name and then backspace (to
delete the character) the OK button enables.

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