On Wed, 2010-06-09 at 17:50 +0530, chen wrote:
> Changing the uri to local:// might break other applications who depend
> on the uri to check if its a local calendar source. I could not
> understand what kind of problems changing uri solves.. Is it really
> necessary to change the uri ?  Just looked at one such case in a test
> program, test-ecal.c.

The immediate problem is that I'm trying to move us toward XDG base
directories instead of lumping everything under ~/.evolution (see my
previous post about that).

So a local source group with a base URI of:


will become:


But we've been getting bit by these absolute paths for years.  If a user
backs up his accounts and then restores them under a different username,
the URI is no longer valid and things break.  So rather than pile on yet
more workarounds and migration cruft, I'm trying to fix the root problem
by eliminating the need to specify a file path at all.

Do you know of any applications that actually check for "file://"?
Tracker maybe?  (and I'm okay with forcing them to adapt)

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