Hi all,
I'm working on a way to be able to report detailed errors from
addressbook/calendar backends to UI, so users will be able to see
something more sensible than just "Other error" message in Evolution.
This is bug report for this [1], which I'm working on right now.

Basically, with EBookBackend/EBookBackendSync was used only an
EDataBookStatus code results, but after the change there will be set a
GError, where backend can also report detailed information what went
wrong. As this status was also used in all the Async API for EBook, then
also this will be changed, to use GError instead. This is touching also
signal signatures and API in views. There will be dropped all ancient
GNOME_Evolution_Addressbook_ constants, as they were just hiding real
values anyway.

I'll also add an INVALID_ARG status error, and NOT_SUPPORTED one,
because they are missing from my point of view. And I'll rename

Similar applies to calendar part.

I'll take care of evolution-data-server, evolution, evolution-exchange
and evolution-mapi changes, but anything else will be just broken when
the API change touches git master, and will need porting. There will be
included some information about changes in the bug [1], but you can ask
me for help, if needed.

Feel free to add your thoughts to [1], so they can be incorporated


[1] https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=623204

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