On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 13:33 +0200, Patrick Ohly wrote: 
> Hello!
> How is Evolution's "Show a reminder <some time> before every
> appointment" feature meant to be implemented? Is that something that has
> to be checked each time an appointment is created (in which case
> SyncEvolution would have to be updated) or is this a feature that
> applies to all existing appointments, including those without alarm set?
This is a wrongly phrased string and needs to be corrected. Maybe like,
"Set default reminders for the new appointments created/received
<sometime> before the appointment time". So it was meant to be this way
and has been implemented in the backend's the same way. I would
recommend changing the string.

I find the first interpretation useful as it provides a default and
allows one to override it if required.

> I find the second interpretation much more useful, and not just because
> it would save me some trouble in SyncEvolution ;-) For example, it
> allows users to turn this on and off without having to edit all existing
> appointments. The user guide also makes is sound like it applies to all
> events, not just those which will be created in the future:
> http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/817-7308/6mmkt57s1?a=view
Coming to the second interpretation. This is different than first and
must be implemented in alarm-daemon and with the above string. Another
different enhancement IMHO.

> But looking at the code, I only find references to calendar-config.h's
> calendar_config_get_use_default_reminder() in a few places, but not in
> evolution/calendar/gui/alarm-notify where I would expect it to be used
> if it was meant to apply to all appointments.
Think the above explanation answers it.

- Chenthill.

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