On Sun, 2010-07-18 at 20:34 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Only reason I wrote them for the client-side libraries is
> because e_cal_get_user_cache_dir() is used to figure out where to
> cache ECal attachments in set_local_attachment_store(). 

that's a part which should be changed. The ideal way, as I understand
it, is to have an ECalBackend function to retrieve a path for
attachments, and ECal should ask backend for it, instead of duplicating
the code (it sort of blocks extendibility of ECalBackend, because the
client side depends on the code in evolution-data-server itself, which
is kinda wrong).

It will be good to fix this and move functions to libedata-book/cal,
where they, as you said, belong anyway.

And because there were API changes for ECal/BookBackend anyway, then
this one shouldn't hurt more.

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