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On Monday 26 July 2010 Christian Hilberg wrote:
> while I suspect the answer will most likely be "no", just to be sure I'd
> like to put the question here anyway (if only for the record):
> Does the Camel IMAPX implementation comply with RFC5464 "The IMAP METADATA
> Extension" [1] ?
> [...]
> [1] http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc5464.html

After taking a closer look at the IMAPX implementation (and since there was no 
veto here), it seems clear that the 2.30 IMAPX does not support the RFC5464 
IMAP protocol extension.

Now, we need this functionality in our evolution-kolab plugin to avoid ugly 
workarounds (like scanning all folder contents in order to find out the folder 
type) when working with Kolab IMAP (PIM) Folders.

We could patch the IMAPX implementation to add RFC5464 functionality. This 
would mean that IMAPX needed to be extended by two new IMAP commands 
(SETMETADATA and GETMETADATA), and one new response (METADATA). The 
GETMETADATA command has two options, MAXSIZE and DEPTH. The METADATA response 
may carry values. For further details, please see RFC5464.

In all, it does not seem to be overly complicated. However, apart from 
implementing the protocol extension itself, it would mean to also extend the 
IMAPX API. This should be possible to implement just as an extension to the 
existing API so we would not break anything, right?

Now, I would like to know how we should deal with the issue. We (the 
evolution-kolab developers) could patch the 2.30 version of IMAPX only to get 
things running. In this case, would our additions be pulled upstream?
  As an alternative, would anyone like to implement RFC5464 in the current 
upstream IMAPX so we could try and backport the changes into 2.30?

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