On 19 September 2010 17:35, Kartik Thakore <thakore.kar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am attempting to make a bridge between tomboy and evolution. How can I
> add/edit/update/delete evolution memos from a CLI or API?

Use libecal.  Specifically e_cal_new and e_cal_open_async to open the
memos, e_cal_get_object, e_cal_modify_object, e_cal_remove_object to
get/update/delete memos, e_cal_component_* to modify memos,
e_cal_get_query to do a live query (i.e. you'll get notifications of
changes in Evolution) of the memos (recommended) or
e_cal_get_object_list_as_comp for a one-shot query.

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