On Mon, 2010-09-27 at 12:52 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Transient operations are now implicit: if you push a new status
> message onto a non-empty message stack, the message is treated as
> transient.  A transient message just means there's a longer delay
> before the message is shown in Evolution's status bar, since transient
> operations tend to come and go quickly.  If the transient operation
> finishes before the timer expires, the transient message is never
> shown at all.  This helps filter out messages that would otherwise
> flash by too quickly for users to read. 

I do not like this change. Its result is that I do not see which folder
is getting updated and what percentage is done on it, which I consider
as one of the most valuable information being on the status bar.

I only see there "Checking for new mail" now, and I have no idea about
actual progress of the operation behind it.

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