Hi, all,

I'm trying to unwind some code in Camel and in Evolution.

The problem I have is that if you change an email account's extra
options (e.g. imapx's "apply filters to new messages"), then those
changes don't take effect until you restart Evolution.

That option is a "filter" parameter in a CamelURL - the URL for the
IMAPX service.

As far as I can tell, the only place where an IMAPX service gets this
URL is at construction time.  However, a breakpoint at imapx_construct()
only gets hit when I start up Evolution, not afterward (e.g. after
changing the account's options in the account editor).

There is a lot of code around the account editor to apparently propagate
changes.  But I'm rather lost in the structure.

em-account-editor changes the EAccount in emae_commit(), by calling
e_acount_import().  Then it does e_account_list_change().  Both of those
functions emit signals about something changing.

That's where I'm lost.

Does anyone know what links both parts of the code - the account editor
and the actual construction of Camel services?



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