On Fri, 2010-10-22 at 09:32 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Anyway, I already owe other people some code reviews so I'll put away my
> hackers hat for a few days and try to look at this over the weekend.  It
> may need to sit on a branch for a little while longer because I don't
> want Evolution requiring gtk+-3.0 just yet, but since that code doesn't
> get much attention I don't foresee problems merging when the time comes.

So I spent the weekend reviewing this branch and to my amazement even
got it building and running with GTK+ 2.22 without too much difficulty.
It seems to work pretty well on gtk+-3.0.  It's a little bit glitchy on
gtk+-2.0 but still usable.

Despite not being a canvas expert I've already managed to track down and
fix a couple gtk+-2.0 glitches just by bisecting the branch and applying
good ol' trial and error.  So I'm inclined to merge the branch now and
fix the remaining glitches on master.

Kudos to Benjamin and his micro-commits.  They make it much easier to
isolate regressions.  I think I'll try to adopt that style myself.

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