Hi all; just wanted to give a heads-up on issues I found while trying to
get my makefile working with the gnome-2.32 branch.  Note I've not even
attempted most of the extra add-ons like evolution-mapi etc.

First, Evo 2.32 requires a newer gtkhtml, but the gtkhtml "master"
configure.ac turns on the *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flags by default.
According to configure.ac this is billed as showing "warnings" if
deprecated content is used, but that's not true: without these flags we
get compile errors because functions are not defined, etc.  I had to
pass a flag --disable-deprecated-warning-flags to the gtkhtml configure
to get around this.

Second, there is no gnome-2.32 branch in the either the evolution-webcal
or libgweather git repos, so we have to make do with "master" (this is a
common problem, I've found, among the libraries etc.: they don't create
branches when they release).

Third, evolution requres a newer libgweather, but the current "master"
libgweather reaquires GTK+ 3.0 (at least), and I don't have that and
don't feel like installing all the 3.0 stuff.  So I had to use
--disable-weather flag to evolution.  If libgweather is going to be
modified to REQUIRE GTK+ (etc.) 3.0, then a gnome-2.32 branch should be
created at the point where it last worked with older GTK+ (etc.).

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