On Wed, 2010-11-10 at 11:39 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Backends can also define their own groups and schemas for storing
> settings that are specific to that backend.  Here's an off-the-cuff
> example of what a source describing a CalDAV calendar might look like:
>   [source]                    # org.gnome.Evolution.Source
>   name='My Calendar'
>   parent='caldav'
>   [extensions/calendar]       # org.gnome.Evolution.Source.Selectable
>   color='#e2f0d3'
>   enabled=true
>   [extensions/caldav]         # org.gnome.Evolution.Source.CalDAV
>   host='my.caldav.provider'
>   user='mbarnes'
>   path='/dav/mbarnes/Calendar'
>   ssl=true
>   ...
> (I'm leaning away from having URI keys, favoring instead URI components
>  as separate keys from which a complete URI string can be formed.)
> Here's where the hierarchy concept gets powerful.  The source structure
> for a groupware account providing integrated mail, calendars, contacts
> (this is Exchange, GroupWise, perhaps someday Zimbra and Kolab, etc.)
> might be a top-level source with groups defining a mail account with
> server info and also any calendars or address books that you get by
> default on the groupware account.  Additional calendars or address books
> or public mail folders for you or even other users on the server could
> be implemented as child sources, such that disabling or deleting the
> top-level mail account source affects the entire subtree of sources.

Does this mean (for example) that we will be able to have a caldav
server, with credentials, and then just associate (and maybe
auto-discover) all of the user's addressbooks, calendars, todo-lists and
journals which the user has on that server?

> This is getting a little hand wavy now because I've only just figured
> out the file format and groupware integration is a ways off.  But I hope
> you can kinda see where I'm going with this and recognize its value over
> what we have now.

If what you're suggesting aligns with what I'm understanding, then the
word "hallelujah" springs to mind :-)

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