On Wed, 2010-12-15 at 15:42 +0800, Zhai, Edwin wrote:

> After this commit, "prio.h" is included unconditionally so that 
> evolution-data-server depends on nspr and "disable-ssl" doesn't work any 
> more. It's okay for normal distribution, but we'd like to keep the 
> simplicity in embed world.
> Is it a valid limitation, and is there any possible fix for it?

Is depending on nspr a problem, or is it that --disable-ssl doesn't

Here are my arguments for each of those:

1. Depending on nspr.  We already depend on nspr in other modules, I
believe.  It is quite possible to make e-d-s not have a hard dependency,
but you'll have to modify CamelTcpStream and CamelImapxServer to have
similar conditionals as they used to have --- get an int file
descriptor, and poll on it with glib.

2. --disable-ssl.  I wouldn't trust my data to software that cannot
secure a connection :)  But making that work again shouldn't be hard.  I
think I didn't remove any of the "important" conditionals in the Camel
providers (the ones that select between creating SSL streams and normal
ones).  What may not be working is the actual compilation of
camel-tcp-stream-ssl.  To be honest I haven't tried --disable-ssl at

Both are easy to fix, and you are welcome to patch them up.  (1) will
probably just disappear as a problem when we start using GIO for network
connections instead of doing them by hand.


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