On Thu, 2011-01-20 at 18:55 +0100, Christian Hilberg wrote:
> ++ from the evolution-kolab team. Any idea on how to handle exactly this 
> right 
> now (we'll be implementing that soon on a totally obsolete Evo version, i.e. 
> 2.30 ;-)? Since we did not yet implement this part, we can do so in a way 
> which will avoid complications when porting to a recent Evo version later on.

It differs between address books and calendars for no good reason that I
can see.

I trust Milan or Chen will correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe
address book backends have to call e_book_backend_notify_auth_required()
if they require a password to connect, and then at some point later the
password is provided through the EBookBackend.authenticate_user()

Calendar clients are expected to provide a password up front, which
backends receive through the ECalBackend.open() method.  If a password
was not provided or the password fails, the backend is supposed to call
e_cal_backend_notify_auth_required() and then at some point later I
guess the client opens a new connection with another password?  The
semantics of this are less clear to me than for address books, so I
might be partially mistaken.

As always your best bet is to look at what the other backends do.

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