On jeu., 2011-01-27 at 12:11 -0500, Paul Smith wrote:
> I don't think this answer will solve your problem in any way, but it is
> nevertheless the correct answer: if you have a problem with a version of
> Evolution provided by your distribution, then you should file a bug
> against that package in your distribution's bug tracking system.  For
> Ubuntu, that would be Launchpad.  For Red Hat/Fedora, I guess it would
> be their bugzilla.  Etc. 

I do ask Debian users to report upstream bugs into Evolution bugzilla
because I don't have any way to fix them myself (except by
cherry-picking upstream fixes anyway) and sadly don't have enough time
for real good maintainership (I'm more or less the only maintainer in

But you're right that those bugs may not be fixed if they are in an
unsupported version (though supporting a version 6 months looks to me
quite short). They still exist and shouldn't be closed (or at least with
version information so it's easier for downstream to find a patch, even
though it might not be backportable).

For other downstream maintainers, I guess looking at Red Hat bugzilla
might help too, since they are shipping evolution in RHEL and they do
support it for quite a while. So backported patch might appear there.


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