On Mi, 2011-02-16 at 10:40 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> This change had to be accounted for in many places throughout
> Evolution
> and E-D-S and I think we missed a few in the initial 2.32 release
> (Milan
> Crha, I believe, fixed the remaining issues in 2.32.2).

I ran 2.32.2 from Debian unstable.

> Shut down evolution, e-addressbook-factory and e-calendar-factory.
> Then
> open Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor and check
> the
> following GConf keys for multiple entries with name="On This
> Computer".
>    /apps/evolution/addressbook/sources
>    /apps/evolution/calendar/sources
>    /apps/evolution/memos/sources
>    /apps/evolution/tasks/sources
> Unfortunately these keys are stuffed with XML blobs which are
> difficult
> to read in Configuration Editor, but if you scroll to the right a bit
> you should be able to spot the "On This Computer" entries.  Following
> the "name" attribute there should be a "base_uri" attribute with a URI
> scheme of either "file:" or "local:".  Delete all the "On This
> Computer"
> entries with a base_uri="file://..." attribute.

*Delete* instead of *update* the entries?

I don't have any local:// URIs in my addressbook's %gconf.xml. Here's
what I have for "On This Computer":

&lt;group uid=&quot;1278902302.11553.20@mob-sync2&quot; name=&quot;On
This Computer&quot;
uid=&quot;1278902302.11553.23@mob-sync2&quot; name=&quot;Personal&quot;

To me that looks like something went wrong while rewriting the gconf
keys. I can fall back to the home dir before the migration and try
again. Anything that I should watch out for?

Bye, Patrick Ohly

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