I am working on Gwibber - microblogging client and one of the ideas that
has come up is using EDS for storing Gwibber contacts. I looked into
evolution-python bindings and it seems that I can pull this off.
However, I have two problems.

Creating new address book, it seems that python bindings for evolution
don't have a way for creating a new, empty address book. Or I don't know
how to use ebook.new_system_address_book() :) I'd like to create a new
address book for start, so I don't plow into default one, creating mess.

Second, more complicated problem is with storing Twitter data in EDS.
Apart from the regular, name, nickname, website, ... I would need to
store if a contact is a friend or a follower and a twitter UID. 

For a start I could use few 'rarely used' fields, but this would be a
silly workaround.

In the future I see some more integration between Gwibber and Evolution.
For example you could follow or unfollow a user on Twitter (or any other
supported microblogging platform) simply by clicking a check box in the
address book. Right now, I would just like to store this info somewhere.

Ideas are more than welcome.


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