On Thu, 2011-03-10 at 12:09 +0530, Chenthill Palanisamy wrote:
> file, groupwise, exchange uses EBookBackendDBCache.

do not forget that the DB cache is compiled conditionally, because some
distros do not ship libdb. Using SQLite for this was mentioned months
ago, only no-one got time to actually do it, so go for it.

Only think of two things:
- using binary storage for this kind of data is bad for cases where
  the binary file breaks, either due to an update/downgrade of the
  library providing access to it, or just by a crash. It's not so hot
  with camel as SQLite has there only summary data, but if you want to
  store also real data in it, then it can be a problem. There are people
  having issues recovering their data from addressbook storage already,
  but if you are going to do any change on it, then it would be good to
  think of that from the beginning. It would be good to store raw vCards
  in some plain text file(s) which will be "indexed" by SQLite summary.
  This plain text file(s) will be then easy to import to evolution if
  something goes wrong, and with erasing SQLite file user will not
  loose any valuable data. (I'm thinking of a flat maildir approach

- be able to store custom values in the summary - backends can have
  a need to make its own notes in the summary, so make it possible for
  it. As these might not be so critical as contact information itself,
  then it should be fine to store to summary only.

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