Now that I've started writing unit tests for libedataserver, it occurs
to me that we have test code scattered all over the place in git. 

Would anyone object if I collect it all together under a top-level
"tests" directory?  (After we branch next week, of course.)  This would
include the automated unit tests for libebook and libecal as well as the
standalone widget demos in libedataserverui.

That would give me a logical place to insert my libedataserver tests.

The source tree layout would be:

    +-- tests
          +-- libebook
          +-- libecal
          +-- libedataserver
          +-- libedataserverui

          (add more as needed)

I'm not including Camel because it still wants to be its own module.
(It's saving up money for its own git repo someday.)

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