Although the Evolution developers have moved on to better things and
consider Evolution 2.32 to be a dead end, there are distributions still
trying to ship this "dead end". It is the latest stable release of
Evolution, after all.

Rather than all the distributors working separately to keep track of
patches and backport bug fixes from Evo HEAD, it would be useful if we
could make a git tree somewhere which collects such patches and reduces
our duplication of effort. Kind of like the -stable tree for the Linux

To that end, I have created trees at:

We can define our operating policy as we go, but I'd be happy if we
could stick to *only* cherry-picking patches which have already been
applied to the master branch (with massaging to make them apply as
necessary). I've been using 'git cherry-pick -x' so that we can refer
back to the original commit easily.

I've backported a small number of fixes from HEAD that I think are
appropriate, or which are already being shipped in some distributions.

I'm more than happy to give accounts on to
distribution maintainers, and look at other patches which distributions
are shipping.

I hope that eventually, we might be permitted to use the "real"
gnome-2-32 branch in GNOME git for this, rather than having to do it
elsewhere. If that branch is a "dead end" and would otherwise be unused,
then there's no harm in letting us use it as a more central location for
our collaboration, surely?

Presumably we'll do the same thing for Evolution 3.0 during the time
period when it is orphaned by upstream, but still being shipped by

David Woodhouse                            Open Source Technology Centre                              Intel Corporation

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