I just created a new branch 'eclient' in eds [1] where is added my work
on the new API which will deprecate EBook/ECal. It is following glib/gio
async pattern and, I believe, makes things more coherent.

This change, apart of other things, influences also backends, as I added
GCancellable to each "virtual" function which deserved it, made
ECalBackend authentication process similar to that used on
EBookBackend-s (with authenticate_user function), and I dropped unused
and/or unnecessary "virtual" functions from backends as well (mostly
from ECalBackend).

The GDBus interface functions were also completely rewritten, for better
readability, I believe (and hope).

Please have a look and comment here, before I'll commit this to git
master, which I would like to do before the first 3.1 release of eds,
thus all other descendants of backends will have enough time to change
their code appropriately.

The next step, after such commit, will be to slowly adapt evolution
itself, with which I would prefer to wait till Matt's account management
changes will land, definitely on places which are interleaving, because
I would like to avoid most of the pain when merging changes, unless
we'll make other deal on this.


[1] http://git.gnome.org/browse/evolution-data-server/log/?h=eclient

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