I had used Ubuntu for some years. Some weeks ago when gnome 3 was realesed I decided to switch to Archlinux. So I'm now with archlinux 64 bits - gnome 3 with gnome-shell and Evolution 3.0.1-1.

A search on body-content is very very slow.

I have to say that I have a hudge INBOX : ~18500 mails (but it was not a problem on Ubuntu).

So here are my questions :
- is it because of the Evolution package on Ubuntu is patch with something from canonical that increase the speed of search on body content?

- is it because of the newer version of Evolution? (3.0.1-1 on Archlinx insted of 2.30 on the last Ubuntu I tested on)

- In that latest case, is it a regression and if yes, will you fix it?

- Or maybe I only have to install another package that will index my Evolution's mail?

My only purpose is to be able to make search on body content as fast as I did on Ubuntu. Even with 18500 mails, such a search took only a few seconds on Ubuntu (2,3 or 4 seconds ; now on arch it takes 30-40 or 50 seconds).

Many many thanks!
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