On Thu, 2011-06-09 at 13:15 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> Yes, please do get us using the async EClient APIs in Evolution ASAP.
> I can deal with the impact to the branch -- I don't expect it to be too
> severe.

Thanks, I'll do that. Just the first transition will be about not using
deprecated API, the second part of it, making calls async, is a very
different task, as I go through calendar sources and see all the sync
calls and the API being served synchronously as well. Thus I expect some
design changes will be needed in calendar, to make this work as
intended. Contacts seems mostly fine, for what I touched so far.

It would be nice to have the first part ready for the Monday release,
but I'm not that far yet, thus if no miracle will happen then I've this
done for 3.1.3. Pity for another soname version bump due to API changes
in libedataserverui, which I would prefer to have in once, but...

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