On Thu, 2011-06-09 at 06:39 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> The IMAP Features (imap-headers) plugin allows you to specify which
> headers to download from an IMAP server when building folder summaries.
> This is useful for instance when you have client-side filters that
> operate on particular headers not normally included in an envelope.  It
> appears in the account editor as a tab labeled "IMAP Headers".
> But the plugin only applies to accounts using the older IMAP provider.
> Does this feature also make sense to support in the IMAPX provider, or
> should it die out with the older IMAP provider?

Slightly confused.  Under Preferences -> Mail Preferences -> Headers one
can add custom "Displayed Message Headers".  At least that works with
IMAPX [probably doesn't involve the plugin].  Doesn't that cause the
header to be downloaded as well?

We use the "Displayed Message Headers" feature extensively since our
workflow system puts a job/ticket/workorder number in an X- header of
the e-mail's it generates.

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