On Wed, 2011-06-15 at 11:47 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
>   $(top_builddir)/addressbook/libedata-book/e-addressbook-factory -r
> The -r (or --keep-running) is something I added fairly recently for my
> own testing.  It prevents the daemon from automatically shutting down
> when the last client connection is closed.  Then it's just a matter of
> sending the daemon a SIGTERM when tests are complete.

there is 10 seconds delay for the automatic shutdown, and time between
starting each test may not be that long, it would be quite surprising if
so, then I'd rather suggest not using -r, because it's a good feedback
whether everything passed really successfully (actually, whether tests
are written correctly and whether they are freeing all what they
should), because the factory may close itself when tests are completed.

I used this feedback when working on EClient tests, and I discovered few
leaks with its help.

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