On Fri, 2011-07-08 at 14:25 +0100, Valluri, Amarnath wrote:

> When see this event in Evolution-2.32 UI(Import Assistant), only the
> last(Business) category is shown.  

This does not only affect importing or syncing. The easiest way to
reproduce the problem is to create an event in the Evolution UI with two
categories selected. Only one category is visible in the UI after saving
the event. I have not checked whether searching works; it might also be

> I could see the same issue reported by Patrick on Evolution-2.10 but
> the issue is still present in 2.32.

Not quite: the old issue was related to broken comma handling in
libical, which caused two categories to be stored as
although the RFC specifies a simple comma as separator.

Later libical was changed, which now seems to cause the current problem.
Has anyone noticed this before?

Patrick Ohly <patrick.o...@gmx.de>

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