I'm thinking of compiling a newer version of Evolution than what is shipped
with our RHEL5 distro.  Specifically, I want to try the MAPI data connector
which is needed to talk to our corporate MS Exch 2007 server.  As you
will all point out, RHEL5 is ancient.  However, we are stuck with it
for reasons that are too long to list here -- much like why do we have
to deal with MS Exch in the first place.

I have a feeling that the latest release (3.0.2) will require so many hacks
to RHEL5 that it will be futile.  I noticed that Evolution-MAPI started
appearing with 2.26.3.  

Question to all of you:  Which version of evolution which supports MAPI is
most likely to compile in a RHEL5.5 environment?  I'm willing to deal
with dependencies (e.g. samba4) as along as they too will eventually
compile in a RHEL5.5 environment.

Or, someone tell me that this is a fool's errand and I'll forget about it :-)


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