Am Sonntag, den 28.08.2011, 15:22 -0400 schrieb Fran├žois Michonneau:
> Hello,
>   I am facing regular (apparently random) crashes with Evolution 3.0.2
> and I would like to report these bugs. However, I seem to be missing
> some debugging symbols in the gdb trace.
>   I installed evolution and bug-buddy through the Gnome 3 PPA for Ubuntu
> Natty. Does anybody know which additional packages I would need to
> install to obtain the full debugging symbols?

So, you are on ubuntu 11.04 natty, right? The evolution version on this
distribution version is 2.32. As far as your bread-and-butter use of
evolution is concerned, why don't you stick with this for a while until
all the gnome 3 stuff has consolidated a bit more.
I recently installed an ubuntu 11.10 oneiric alpha version in a virtual
machine, which has evolution 3.1.5 on it. It ran reasonably well, even
though I did not test extensively. One other person who regularly
responds to postings on this list and is part of the maintainers group
of evolution, recently warned that 3.1.xx is still unstable.
Your pick.

>   I don't know if it's related but there are these warnings that appear
> after typing 'run' in gdb:
> warning: the debug information found in
> "/usr/lib/debug//usr/lib/" does not match
> "/usr/lib/" (CRC mismatch).
> warning: the debug information found in
> "/usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/" does not match
> "/usr/lib/" (CRC mismatch).

So you grabbed the stuff from, right?
They have a mailing list and IRC. Why don't you ask there?


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