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Am Donnerstag 21 April 2011, um 18:43:27 schrieb Matthew Barnes:
> To help smooth the way for the account-mgmt I've made a few improvements
> to the CamelSession and CamelService APIs in 3.1.  It's not necessarily
> the *final* APIs that will wind up in 3.2, but more like the first round
> of changes leading up to 3.2.
> [...]
> * The file storage location for CamelServices (really only CamelStores)
>   has changed.  It is now simply:
>       $(XDG_DATA_HOME)/evolution/mail/$(UID)
>   rather than:
>       $(XDG_DATA_HOME)/evolution/mail/$(PROVIDER_NAME)/$(URL)
>   That means each CamelService has a permanent location for files that
>   doesn't change if the user tweaks server settings or even changes the
>   provider.
> [...] 

I recall that when I tried to find my way into Camel when using it from
within the backend processes for evolution-kolab, I screwed up my provider
directory (named 'kolab2' in 2.30) now and then because of wrong Camel use.
It was then very easy to recover from the error by just killing my own
provider's subdirectory, which was easy to identify (let alone all of the
downsides the historic approach may have). Please forgive me for not reading
the Camel code here - can one guess from the UID to which account it may

What's more, in the current evolution-kolab design for 2.30, we have


since we're using CamelStore also in the backends. Hope this will not prove
a broken design with the new situation for Camel.

Moreover, our pimped IMAPX derivative uses further SQLite databases in
addition to the folders.db Camel creates. These are for Kolab metadata
and for an offline write cache for Kolab PIM data. The PIM data cache
is used in backend context only, while the Kolab folder metadata DB is
used by the kolab2 provider run in Evo as well. I hope that changing forth
and back the providers for an account will not mess with that. (The Kolab
metadata DB is re-created and re-populated in case it is missing, so it
should not be problematic during migration.)

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