Now that I have this 3rd D-Bus service on my account-mgmt branch, I'm
realizing there isn't really a natural place in our source tree to add
it.  I kinda just have it lumped on at the moment.

What I'd like to do is add a new top-level folder called "services" and
split the e-addressbook-factory and e-calendar-factory programs out from
their respective "libedata" libraries.

NOT the EData[Book/Cal]Factory classes, mind you, but just the main()
function, the migration gunk and the D-Bus .service files.

So the layout I'm proposing would look something like this:

   +- services/
       +-- e-addressbook-factory/
       |    |
       |    +-- e-addressbook-factory.c
       |    +-- e-addressbook-factory-migrate-basedir.c
       |    +--
       +-- e-calendar-factory/
            +-- e-calendar-factory.c
            +-- e-calendar-factory-migrate-basedir.c

Everything else stays where it is.  Then on my branch I can just add a
new "services/e-source-registry" folder.  The messy GConf-to-keyfile
migration gunk will eventually wind up in these folders as well.

Sound okay?  Anyone morally opposed?

Matthew Barnes

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