Here's a crazy idea...

What do you guys think about moving evolution-alarm-notify to E-D-S as a
simple D-Bus service?  It could live in the new "services" directory:


evolution-alarm-notify is already an autostart program, launched when
you start your desktop session, well before you ever launch Evolution.

Problem is if it dies for some reason it has to be manually restarted,
otherwise you'll miss appointment reminders.

My thought was if it also claimed a well-known session bus name then it
could easily be activated by evolution-calendar-factory on start up, and
(most importantly) RE-activated if the calendar factory detects that the
bus name lost its owner.

The only real Evo-specific things I see in its source code are calls to
some GtkTextView utility functions that live in widgets/misc, but we
could easily move those functions to libedataserverui.

The evolution module has always seemed an odd place for that thing to
live, at least to me.  Now that we have an obvious slot for it in the
evolution-data-server module, what do you think?

Matthew Barnes

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