I cannot find the thread where this was discussed, I'm sorry, but after
few days I found why this behaviour is pretty bad and why the
evolution-alarm-notify didn't ask for passwords. My usecase is pretty
simple, and I believe there are many corporate users with the same
environment: I have entered few calendars which are accessed only when
I'm connected to company vpn, unless they fail. When I login I do not
have the vpn running, thus I'm asked for my passwords, thus I connect to
vpn and then enter it (it's not prefilled, because it's not a reprompt,
though maybe some little change on evolution-mapi could be done - these
are evo-mapi calendars).

My question is whether there can be done any better way of coping with
this, because having the password prompts (there are two pilled,
actually) after each and every login is just a bad experience, from my
point of view.

P.S.: Most likely unrelated, but I see I'm asked for Tasks and Notes
passwords, at least based on the prompts, which should not be needed in
the evolution-alarm-notify, because evolution doesn't support alarms on

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