Hi everyone!

The evolution-kolab team gladly announces the availability of version 0.30.0
of the evolution-kolab plugin for the Evolution PIM suite.

The major improvements over our previous release (Version 0.2.1) include overall
speedup fixes to most operations as well as a good number of memory leak
fixes and internal rework to improve on the user experience. No new 
has been added. The version number 0.30.0 documents that this is our first true
release for GNOME 2.30.

Source code, user manual and some supplemental files can be found on the 
project's old website, located at SourceForge:


The full release announcement can be found at [1].

With this release, active development has been moved away from SourceForge and
under the hood of the GNOME project. Thanks to everyone helping with the
migration and thanks for the warm welcome at gnome.org.

While the migration to gnome.org is still in progress, the Git repository can
already be found at


and a Bugzilla project is being set up. There is a new wiki page


which is to become the new primary source of information for the
evolution-kolab project. The current project status and a collection
of links to documentation and supplemental stuff are already there,
along with some thoughts on the porting of evolution-kolab to the
current development branches of Evo and E-D-S, which is now in the

Kind regards,


[1] https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=28363963

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