I have severed all of Camel's remaining dependencies on libedataserver,
mostly by way of code duplication.  In particular, all of Camel's search
and filtering code now uses CamelSExp, which is a clone of ESExp.

libcamel now builds first in the evolution-data-server module, and its
pkg-config file has shed its libedataserver-1.2 requirement.  You should
consider it a base library for E-D-S, like libsoup or libgdata.

There is no longer any _technical_ reason why Camel needs to be bundled
in the evolution-data-server module.  I DO intend to split Camel off at
some point, but not yet.  Parts of its API are still a complete mess and
I'd like to give them some attention and also reach some semblance of
API stability for the library as a whole.  We're not there yet.

Clean rebuilds are necessary, of course, but beyond that no one should
notice any difference.  If you find a need for libedataserver to link to
Camel in 3.3, feel free.

Matthew Barnes

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