Am Dienstag 15 November 2011, um 15:01:54 schrieb Christian Hilberg:
> Am Dienstag 15 November 2011, um 11:03:24 schrieb Patrick Ohly:
> [...] 
> > What happens during syncing? Do you resolve the add<->add conflict by
> > duplicating the item, merging them or discarding one copy?
> This is a configuration option the user has. Kontact, as a reference client 
> for Kolab,
> will ask you in all events of synchronization conflicts. In Evo/EDS 2.30, we 
> did not
> have the infrastructure needed to query Kolab-specific user input from Evo, 
> so the whole
> thing is non-interactive. For each PIM folder, you can configure the backends 
> to use
> one of the following strategies:
> * use the "newer" PIM object (relies on timestamps - since these are set by 
> the clients,
>   not the Kolab server, it only works if the client's clocks are synced)
> * use the client's object (overwrites the one on the server)
> * use the server's object (discards the client's changes)
> * create a duplicate

Adding some more bits: The evolution-kolab user manual has some more info on
the current behaviour of the plugin in "3.4.2 Conflict solving strategies",
see [1].

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