The "wip/gsettings" branch has been merged to master for Evolution
3.3.3.  This branch migrates most of our simple GConf keys (strings /
integers / booleans) to GSettings.  Huge thanks to Rodrigo Moya for his
work on this!

After installing the updated code (which includes a .convert file), I
believe you can manually run "gsettings-data-convert" to migrate your
data from GConf to GSettings.  At least according to the documentation;
I've not tried it myself yet.  Otherwise Evolution will start with most
settings reset to defaults.  Normally "gsettings-data-convert" gets run
as an auto-start program when you log into your desktop session, but I
figure we probably all have our own local Evolution installs.

GSettings is not very forgiving of typos and likes to abort in lieu of
polluting its API with GErrors.  I think I tracked down all the typos
already, but be on the lookout in Evolution's more remote corners.

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