On Fri, 2012-02-03 at 15:53 +0100, Christian Hilberg wrote: 
> I need to replicate some code paths of IMAPX (e.g. all paths that
> lead from the Store to imapx_untagged, so I can extend this one
> for ANNOTATEMORE and later IMAP ACL). Hence, there is some IMAPX
> code duplication I cannot avoid at present.
> This means that for every (major) change in upstream IMAPX,
> I need to pull the changes in and check whether I need to
> fix something in my code dupes.

Would it help you much to turn imapx_untagged() and similar functions
into virtual class methods in CamelIMAPXServerClass?  Then you could
override the method in your subclass, and have it chain up first and
then do other custom stuff.

Or does the logic not allow you to break things out that cleanly at
present?  (wouldn't surprise me)


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