On Thu, 2012-12-13 at 06:43 -0500, Matthew Barnes wrote:
> The old partitioning is still reflected in the API documentation.  I
> don't see anything messy about having the source files in a flat list.
> GTK+ is able to manage its widgets well enough with a similar layout.

API documentation doesn't matter, I thought you'll understand the pain
when it gets to searching *the code*. I do not think comparing with GTK+
matter, they have code divided into folders too, at least gdk and gtk+
parts, and those are in separate folders, with their own subfolders.
They also have special folder for 'tests', while you made that all
together, counted 241 .c files in there (gtk has more, but that is gtk,
they have it that way, we *had* it better way, in my opinion). Searching
for any common function in there will not be fun.

I was told, many years ago, that folders are for people, computers don't
care of folders in a sense of "dealing with a mess", but people do.
I do. At least. That said, the flat folder feels like a regression for
me, because I got use to the sorted code during the years I work on

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