> My intuition tells me the vast majority of users won't care or even
> understand what these options do, and those that do tinker with them
> probably won't notice any significant difference in download times.
> Implementing this in IMAPX is no problem, in fact I almost have it done.
> But I'm pausing now to question whether we SHOULD do this.

I believe, we should.

I have not worked on Evolution in a long time. But when the initial version of 
the patch was made to get only few headers, the performance improvement was 
unbelievably high. See: 
http://psankar.blogspot.in/2006/05/imap-performance.html (please scroll in that 
page to the see the stats (blogger template change regressions))

Since we fetched only minimal headers (after the patch), some filters setup 
using some non-fetched headers were broken and as a result this plugin was made 

So, my points are: a) We should fetch only minimal headers initially b) we 
should retain ability to fetch custom headers by being configurable c) We 
should tweak things to be in a more user-friendly way (as you mentioned in the 
last mail), instead of it being a plugin etc.



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