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> On Tue, 2014-04-01 at 11:02 -0430, BECERRA Silvana M SIDOR wrote:
> [...] 
> > However, to try to clarify a bit, what we mean by "protected Email" is
> > that when reply/forward (inline mode) a "protected message" we're
> > allow to write our response but we should not be able to modify the
> > text of none of the old messages. Additionally, although not commented
> > before, the message should also include custom field in the header
> > that consolidates date, from, to, of all old messages in an orderly
> > manner.
> For that kind of "protection" to have any real meaning, all messages
> should be cryptographically signed by their author and attached in full
> to all replies and forwards.  An Evolution extension could conceivably
> enforce that.
> [...] 
> Cryptographically signing each message with a public key or a trusted
> certificate is really the only way to ensure previous messages are not
> altered.

Might be obvoius: When replying to a message protected that way,
the signature for that message should include all attached messages
which came with the message replied to. That way, some verifyable "signing
chain" would be created. In case of multiple replies to a single
message, i.e. a thread, the signature chain becomes a tree (which is
verifyable nonetheless).

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