> “reply in private to the list, outside of the knowledge of eventual
> participants). The problem here is “reply to the list” is not the
> canonical standard thing most people will want to do, it is just the
> complementary opposite of “reply privately to the sender”: “reply
> privately to the list”.

Reply-To-List is the only option anyone should ever use, IMNSHO.  Doing
anything else is bad netiquette.

I always reply to list and drop all other recipients;  I assume they
are detritus accumulated from misconfigured mail clients.

> I think there should be a “reply to list and sender” (or differently
> named) feature that does answer to the list while staying addressed
> at the sender, as does my current user-agent with “wide reply”.  

This is not so simple to implement reliably as you might think; 
determining which addresses are which, not across all mail list
software, hosting, etc...  Anyway Reply-To-List solves the problem.

Some user's use of mail-filters is not a problem for other list
subscribers to solve.
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