Hi Milan,

>On Thu, 2016-10-13 at 09:59 +0200, Michael Hirmke wrote:
>> How can I get rid of these folders?

>       Hi,
>it should be automatic, but, well... Stop the evolution and delete
>directory, where is a local copy of the server content. Then when you
>run the evolution again it'll fetch the folder information and such
>from scratch.

ok :)
I thought, I could perhaps delete it with a single sql command.
I didn't have the time to have a closer look to the database structure,

>> And how can I configure evolution ews to deal with folder names like
>> this?

>That's pretty long time since a fix for:
>When you're talking about it, I see it stopped working (this is 3.22.1
>here). I'll reopen the bug report.


>       Bye,
>       Milan

Michael Hirmke
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